About Us

Together, we all are nature.

We are a budding start-up, aiming towards imparting education about Sustainable living and spreading its values.

We at Treetify deliver a wide range of plants, gardening accessories, sustainable lifestyle products to your doorstep, in order to generate funds to fuel plantation projects and spreading environmental education.

Legit Pricing

Alongside the growth in the industry of sustainable living, due to sudden climate awareness among people. Big businesses are trying to eat whopping amounts from customers’ pockets, making the global problems their opportunity. However, we got you covered with our legit and affordable product pricing.

Curated Order Management

Our automated curation for order management from sourcing the product to delivering it makes every of our delivery climate-conscious. At the end, which results in quick delivery, reduced shipping expenditure and overall footprint.


We try to deliver your order in the most sustainable way possible. We upcycle and reuse the various logistic waste in our packaging. Which is our unique solution to reduce the packaging waste.

What do we do?

We are a team of millennials gathered up through this start-up, fighting for our and coming generations’ future. We impart information and knowledge to educate people and bring Environmental Empathy into everyone’s heart. We do a lot of research, planning then execution to keep everything aligned in a sustainable way while delivering plants, products and services, also maintaining the fund flow for the cause.

Our Mission

To communicate a positive influence to the citizens of India about how all humans are an integral part of nature(just the way Kashmir to India) and we must empathise with nature in order to create balance and harmony. We at Treetify pledge to make every Indian a warrior in this fight against the destruction of nature. Because in the coming avoidable catastrophe no one should be left behind.

History Of Us

It was the year 2019, Kullu District Himachal Pradesh. We were trekking to one of the very famous places in Parvati Valley, Kheerganga. While on the trek, with ecstatic views and soothing white noises, there were domes of plastic at all the places. At 13000 ft. above sea level, seriously? That’s all humans left behind. Returning back from the trek, it was no day passed till October 2020 without reading and looking more after about these issues. Concluding that people’s quick education and lasting empathy should be the very first step. We decided to start Treetify to look for like-minded people to put in work together for a sustainable future.

What can we do for you?

Yes, we deliver a wide range of plants/saplings from all across species and categories. Not only plants but also gardening accessories like compost soil etc. So, that all your plant parenting can be looked after from a one-stop shop.

You can shop from a wide variety of sustainable lifestyle swaps at a very affordable price. We are continuously adding more and more products to our eco-shelf. Cut off your single-use disposables and unsustainable choices with the greener ones.

Yes, we do. If you are doing your sustainable bit by cutting your carbon footprint at various levels and you want to plant trees but don’t know where and how? We have got you covered as we are running a mass plantation program. The funds that we generate from our revenue and all that we receive as crowd donations go to the plantation and educational projects.

We conduct free workshops in schools and institutions. We teach the basics to the application of sustainable living and how it could be implemented without stressing over it. In the initial stage of awareness majority of people tend to feel guilt or anxiety, due to sudden consciousness of consumption, waste, cause and effects. That’s pretty normal, but we can teach a smooth way. In return, we ask for a favour from the institutions to do a plantation/cleanliness drive and include their crowd in the same on their own, or fund us to conduct the same. We are planning to extend the same to corporates.

We continuously share informative and easy to grasp content on our social platform. All you need to do is give us a follow. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter if you want to dig deeper into the knowledge. We abide by to keep you updated with necessary pieces of information. Keep you up in the climate action.

What Our Customers Says ?

“ Treetify is doing a great job by teaching people to live a sustainable lifestyle. We need more of such initiatives to spread green and capture carbon  Thanks for making available affordable swaps for sustainable living”

” I had never parented a plant before though I always wanted, but since I won a Bouganvillia in a giveaway and I cared for it. I started to bond with nature and now I have 8 plants on my balcony and adding more. All bought from Treetify, thanks for the expert guidance “

“ Just loved my experience with Treetify, Ordered my plants and received them fresh. Above all, they make sure that they deliver in the most Eco-Possible way ”