Cactus and Succulent

The Latin word translated into “succulent” is “succus” which means sap or juice. It is typical of most species of succulents to have a liquid juice or sap in their leaves or body. Cactus & Succulent plants have been the darling of drought-plagued gardeners for many, many years.
With their fleshy, water-holding foliage, succulents require very little maintenance. Drought tolerant Cactus & Succulent are unique in colour, style, and growth pattern making them great candidates for beautiful fairy gardens, vertical gardens, and gift-able items. They are quite extensively cultivated not only for the rare beautiful flowers but also for curious and unexpected forms.
The variety of beautiful and interesting succulents seems endless. There are hundreds of types of succulents with fascinating shapes and colours. Many desert succulents will live healthy lives much longer than humans. Some of the best succulent plants also have medicinal uses topically and/or internally.

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