Acacia Auriculiformis

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Acacia Auriculiformis, Australian Babul



Acacia auriculiformis is an evergreen tree, It has dense foliage with an open, spreading crown.

Acacia auriculiformis, commonly known as aura, ear leaf acacia, earpod wattle, northern black wattle, Papuan wattle, and tan wattle, akashmoni in Bengali, is a fast-growing, crooked, gnarly tree in the family Fabaceae. It is native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It grows up to 30m tall.

Acacia auriculiformis has about 47 000 seeds/kgAcacia auriculiformis is an evergreen tree that grows between 15 to 15to 30 m tall, with a trunk up to 12 m long and 50 cm in diameter. The trunk is crooked and the bark vertically fissured. Roots are shallow and spreading. It has dense foliage with an open, spreading crown. Leaves 10to 16 cm long and 1.5 to 2.5 cm wide with 3to 8 parallel nerves, thick, leathery, and curved.