Agave tropicana

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Agave potatorum cv Ouhi-Raijin, Agave tropicana



Agave victoria reginae is a small species of a succulent flowering perennial plant, noted for its streaks of white on sculptured geometrical leaves.

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1 Agave potatorum cv Ouhi-Raijin, Agave Tropicana – Succulent Plant
2 3 inch (8 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

This agave is highly variable in form, but in general, the rosettes are small and compact, composed of short, rigid, thick leaves that are green with a pattern of distinctive white markings. The markings are generally along leaf keels or margins, giving a sort of polyhedral appearance.

It is very impressive when big, with its bold structure, and beautiful form. On the rare occasion when it finally blooms, it is a complete show-stopper; The stalk bolts to the sky, and the showy flowers grace the neighborhood. It works beautifully as a single large specimen and also when planted amassed with other agaves. Tough and particularly indestructible this Native beauty should be in anyone’s drought-tolerant landscape. Works particularly well when planted with ornamental grasses nearby.