Australian Pine Tree

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Casariuna equisetifolia, Australian Pine Tree



Cassia is one of the most beautiful in all tropical trees when it sheds its leaves, and bursts into a mass of long, grape-bunches like yellow gold flowers.

Cassia fistula is commonly known as The Golden shower tree. Cassia is a vast genus with various species consisting of yellow-colored flowers. Cassia fistula is a large shrub or medium-sized tree which grows up to a height of 20 to 40 feet.

The Cassia has few distinguishing features that can be observed with little trouble. It is slightly smaller but has the same spreading crown, long drooping branches, and numerous, feathery leaves, but the branches are rough. The flowers are similar but the sepals are smooth green inside and deep-red underneath. a fistula or the golden shower tree is generally used in the landscape because of its wonderful showy flowers. During the blooming season, the flowers entirely cover the tree and give a perfect contrast to the landscape than the regular one.