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Crassula Campfire – Succulent Plant



Crassula capitella (Campfire) is a branching succulent plant with fleshy propeller-like leaves that mature from light green to bright red.


What makes it special: Best for pot culture.

Gives a cooling effect to the eyes.

Easy to grow with low maintenance.

Sr Item name
1 Crassula Campfire – Succulent Plant
2 3 inch (8 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Crassula capitella or the Campfire Plant is a perennial succulent plant native to southern Africa. Campfire crassula is a branching succulent with fleshy leaves that mature from bright lime green to bright red. Great for borders, containers, edging, fillers, ground covers, rock gardens, xeriscaping, and coastal gardens.

Campfire Plant grows as an evergreen and is a flowering succulent. Being an evergreen plant, it will keep its leaves throughout the year. Campfire Plant is known for its clump-forming habit and growing to a height up to 30 centimeters.