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Midstripe Rainbow Bush, Portulacaria afra medio-picta – Succulent Plant



The jade plant is an extremely popular succulent houseplant with fleshy, Sometimes called the money plant or dollar plant, these plants were once thought to bring good luck to their owners so were often given as housewarming gifts.

  • What makes it special:
    Symbol of good luck and fortune.
  • Best for sunny windows.
  • Easy to care and low maintenance plant.
  • Its leaves resemble a coin.
  • Popular house plant with attractive leaves.
Sr Item name
1 Mid Stripe Rainbow Bush, Portulacaria Afra Medio-picta – Succulent Plant
2 4 inch (10 cm) Nursery Pot as Inner
3 4.5 inch (11 cm) Ronda No. 1110 Round Plastic Planter (Pastel Pink)

Elephant Bush small-leaved succulent plant found in South Africa. Elephant Bush commonly has a reddish stem and green leaves. The vibrant green leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal. Jade