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Scented rose (Any Variety, Any Color)



Scented roses are known for their distinct fragrance. The rose is a perennial flowering plant. The flower represents a symbol and meaning.


What makes it special: One of the best flowering plants

Provide Year-round flowering.

The perfect plant for an outdoor garden and sunny balcony.

Note – This is a Rose plant with fragrant flowers. You may receive any variety and any color of the flower. This product may not have the flowers when shipped, the plant will later bloom any colored flower. The scented rose is a shrub growing up to 2.

5 meters tall, the stems densely armed with stout, curved prickles and stiff bristles. The leaves are pinnate in shape, with five or rarely seven leaflets. The relatively small flowers bloom in groups. Its flowers produce an intense, fruity fragrance. The blossoms are so attractive.