Madagascar Almond, Mini Badam, Terminalia mantaly – Plant



The tree looks very attractive.

Winter hardy to USDA Zones 10-11 where it is best grown in acidic, moderately fertile, sandy, moist but well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates a wide range of soils and is salt tolerant.

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Common Name Terminalia Catappa,Almond
Maximum Reachable Height 75.00 to 90.00 feet
Flower Colour white
Bloom Time Seasonal bloomer
Difficulty Level easy to grow

Planting And Care

Almonds mostly grow in Mediterranean climates located between 28 and 48 degrees north latitude and between 20 and 40 degrees south latitude.

Southwestern Asia is the native region of the almond tree, but about 80 percent of the world s almond supply comes from California.

Madagascar Almond Care

There are two main varieties of almonds: sweet and bitter. The most common almond is the sweet almond, which is eaten like a nut, although it is actually the seed of the almond tree. Almond oil and almond meals are typically sourced from sweet almonds. California alone grows 25 types of almonds, with other notable types coming from Spain and Greece.

Sunlight Full sun
Watering Medium
Soil well-drained soil
Temperature 55 degrees F
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer

Madagascar Almond Special Feature

Where winter is hardy, prime use is shade trees or street trees. Handsome ornamental tree. Windbreak. Excellent selection for seasides or ocean beaches. Trees are a commercial source of timber and edible nuts.

Madagascar Almond Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose


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