Moulmein rosewood



It blooms with racemes of mauve pea-like flowers.

Leaves are pinnate and leaflets oval in shape. The tree may be confused with the Pongam Tree as the flowers appear the same.Looking just at the buds, one might confuse it with Mexican Lilac, however, Moulmein Rosewood has more drooping clusters like Amaltas.

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Common Name Tuma, Botanical (Bengali),
Maximum Reachable Height More than 5 meters
Flower Colour Pea shaped, pinkish purple, clustered with red bracts, blooms hanging downwards
Bloom Time Flowering time March to April
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting And Care

Plant the tree in an open spot with sandy soil and full sun. Keep the soil moist deep down by soaking it with a hose for half an hour, but letting it dry out in between watering.

Care for a Moulmein rosewood tree almost always includes pruning. In order to give it the best shape to show off those blooms, smaller branches should be trimmed early in the spring.
Moulmein Rosewood Care
The plant perform best in big size containers (15inh or more) or plant on the ground

Sunlight Sun growing, Semi shade
Watering Keep soil moist throughout the growing season. or Water plant once a week

Moulmein Rosewood Uses
Ornamental Use:

  • Moulmein Rosewood is a small deciduous tree, planted mostly for ornamental purposes



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