Peltophorum, Peela Gulmohar



Peltophorum blooms the amazing flower, boosting the beauty surrounding it.

The beautiful and graceful peltophorum tree is often called Yellow Poinciana because it looks just like a royal poinciana but with very showy yellow blossoms. These trees work best on a large property or as a single specimen tree in a medium-sized yard.

The breathtaking, frothy flowers appear in late summer on a treetop full of soft, fern-like leaves.

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Common Name Copperpod, Golden Flamboyant, Yellow Flamboyant, Yellow Flame Tree, Yellow Poinciana, Konda Chinta, Perunkonrai, Radhachura
Maximum Reachable Height Up to 15 m
Flower Colour Yellow
Bloom Time Spring, Summer
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting And Care

Watering should be done up to the growing period of the plant if the soil is dry.

Trimming isn’t necessary other than to prune branch ends after flowering is done in order to promote more bushy growth.

Also, you can remove any too-low branches as the plant matures.

Fertilize 3 times a year – once each in spring, summer, and fall – with a quality granular fertilizer.
Peltophorum Care
The best plantation season of Gulmohar is the monsoon season. Select the area where the maximum sunlight is available. At the time of plantation, apply an organic fertilizer to the plant.

Sunlight Full sun
Watering Moderately
Soil Sandy soil
Temperature 25 to 40 degrees C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer

Peltophorum Special Feature
Attractive flowering
Peltophorum Uses
Ornamental Use:

  • The Gulmohar plant is used for ornamental purposes.



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