Furcraea Gigantea Striata, Furcraea Foetida Striata



Furcraea is a genus of succulent plants belonging to the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Agavoideae

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1 Furcraea Gigantea Striata, Furcraea Foetida Striata – Plant
2 5 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

A large plant with wide strap-like leaves. The leaves have green borders within which pleasant cream color dominates. Occasionally the plant gives of suckers. The flowering stalk gives bulbils along with flowers. Suitable for large rockeries.

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Common Name Agave foetida, Giant Cabuya, Green-aloe,
Maximum Reachable Height 4-5 feet.
Bloom Time May to July.
Difficulty Level easy to grow

Planting And Care

Place plants in full sun in average, well-drained soil. Drainage is important; don t place where roots will sit in water. Leaves develop the best flavor in full sun.

Furcraea Gigantea Striata Care

Growing plants can be inexpensive, particularly when growing them from seed. Seeds of plant flowers should usually be sown directly into the sunny flower bed, as developing roots do not like to be disturbed.

Sunlight Full Sun to Partial Shade
Watering Medium
Soil well-drained soil
Temperature 27F
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer

Furcraea Gigantea Striata Special Feature

The leaves are used to season meat and other foods in the Caribbean, Latin American, and Asian cuisines. It is often added to chutneys, a sauce containing fruits or vegetables that is eaten with other dishes.


  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose


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