Snake plant in square glass pot (4in Ht)



Decorate your table or your room with the beautiful Snake plant in the square glass pot.

Note:- The products are custom made and would be hand-delivered in a week’s time after placing the orderSnake plant in a square glass pot is a collection of small Sansevieria plants growing in a transparent, square container.

This glass pot contains a square shape container with Sansevieria plants, pebbles, white sand, and potting medium, etc. Overall Height : Approx. 9 InchesPot Height: Approx. 4 InchesPot Width: Approx. 4 Inches.

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Common Name Snake plant in a square glass pot
Maximum Reachable Height Up to 15 cm (Plant)
Bloom Time NA
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting And Care

Remove dry leaves whenever necessary.

Spray the water once in the week with a spraying bottle on the soil.

Avoid spraying on the plant.

This glass pot doesn’t have a drainage hole or holes, to avoid the application of large quantities of water.

Give it bright with indirect sunlight or near artificial light sources.

The soil should not be saturated or soggy as this condition will lead to rotting.

The glass walls should allow the light to reach the plants and it should be clean from dust, drafts, and temperature changes.

Avoid too much direct sunlight to the pot; it may affect the root system and the glass pot may get very warm.

It is good to allow the pot to receive fresh air from an open window.
Snake Plant In Square Glass Pot Care
You should use water-soluble organic fertilizer in little quantities. Don’t apply in large quantities; it will promote more vegetative growth. We maintain the small plant size in the pot. That’s the way we should control vegetative growth.

If there is a need for re-potting then the potting medium should be porous to allow good drainage of the soil. It should be slightly moist for planting. You can use equal parts of garden soil, sand, and peat moss(1:1:1).

Sunlight The bright area with indirect sunlight
Watering Sparingly
Soil Soil, sand, and peat moss (1:1:1)
Temperature 20 to 25 degree C
Fertilizer Liquid fertilizer

Snake Plant In Square Glass Pot Special Feature
Well-arranged, settled-up glass pot
Snake Plant In Square Glass Pot Uses
Ornamental Use:

  • It is used for the ornamental purpose


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