Archontophoenix Alexandrae



It’s a tall, beautiful, and fast-growing plant.

It is native to the coastal rainforest of north-eastern Australia and is much planted in tropical regions around the world. The solitary palm has a slender, grey trunk, swollen base, and ringed with leaf scars.

The large, feather-like leaves are light green above, distinctively silver-white below with many, pointed leaflets which clasp together to form an area between the trunk and leaves which is smooth and variable in color from bright green to purple or red hue. The King Alexander frond looks just like a coconut palm frond and the trunk of the palm looks similar to an Adonidia. Its tall, beautiful and fast-growing, Alexandra palm, named in honor of Princess Alexandra of Denmark, lends a tropical look to the landscape.

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Common Name Alex Palm, Alexandra Palm, Princess Alexandra Palm
Maximum Reachable Height Over 40 feet.
Bloom Time Blooms all year.
Difficulty Level Easy to grow.

Planting And Care

This palm loves to be fed and watered regularly. That being said it will withstand drought conditions for a limited time period. You will be rewarded with faster growth when there is a schedule of regular feeding and watering.

Archontophoenix Alexandrae Care

Sunlight Full sun to part shade.
Watering Keep the soil moist.
Soil Well-drained soil.
Temperature The plant can withstand temperatures down to 26 F.
Fertilizer Fertilize regularly with a complete product containing micro-elements.

Archontophoenix Alexandrae Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Use this palm in sub-tropical to tropical landscapes for accent, specimen planting, street tree and to impart a feeling of the tropics


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