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Washingtonia is a genus of palms, native to the southwestern United States (in southern California, southwest Arizona, (Nevada) Texas), and northwest Mexico (in northern Baja California and Sonora).

Both Washingtonia species are commonly cultivated across the Southern United States, the Middle East, southern Europe, and North Africa, where they have greatly hybridized. Washingtonia robusta (Mexican Fan Palm or Mexican Washingtonia) is a palm tree native to western Sonora and Baja California Sur in northwestern Mexico. The fruit is a spherical, blue-black drupe, 6 to 8 mm (0.24 to 0.31 in) diameter; it is edible, though thin-fleshed.

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Common Name Mexican fan palms.
Maximum Reachable Height 30m in its native habitat
Difficulty Level Medium.

Planting And Care

It is probably one of the fastest-growing palm trees in the world even in cool weather but for it to really shoot up, it likes heat during the summer months. Washingtonians are happier in a less humid climate than ours, so pick a sunny, well-drained place where the palm will get good breezes. Soil amendments aren’t really necessary. Beware of the sharp teeth on the palm s leaf stems.

Washingtonia Care

Plant at least 6 to 8 feet away from the house to give the big fronds room to spread out. If planting in a row, place them at least 6 feet apart. For use along a drive, come out at least 5 or 6 feet so the young palms wide crown isn’t in the way. This palm is too fast and too big to make a good container plant.

Sunlight Full sun, sheltered aspect.
Watering it appreciates regular watering to keep it moving.
Soil Good drainage, alkaline gritty soil.
Temperature it will manage temperatures to -6C but needs care and extra protection through the winter months.
Fertilizer Fertilize in spring, summer, and fall with a good palm fertilizer containing micronutrients.

Washingtonia Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Landscape uses for Washingtonian palm lining the property border in groups as architectural accents for a tall house anchor or backdrop for groupings of smaller palms and shrubs in a row along a fence, walk, or driveway


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