Jambu, White Guava, love apple



A member of the myrtle family, this fruit is the smallest in a group of similar fruits of the Syzygium genus.

Jambu is a small tree or large shrub which grows on an average of 10 to 20 feet in height. The jambu fruit has shiny, thin skin which varies from white to light red. About 1 inch long and 1-1.

5 inches wide, they are shaped somewhat like a pear with a narrow neck and a wide apex.

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Common Name Love Apple.
Maximum Reachable Height 10-20 feet.
Difficulty Level Easy.

Planting And Care

The skin of ripe jambu fruit is very thin, so care must be taken when harvesting them to avoid puncturing or bruising their flesh.

Jambu Care

Sunlight Full sun.
Watering Occasional watering.
Soil Moist and fertile
Temperature Consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit to successfully fruit.
Fertilizer Twice monthly feeding with balanced, 15-15-15 analysis fertilizer to support their growth.

Jambu Uses

Culinary Use:

  • The fruit can be eaten out of hand or prepared in a tossed salad for a different culinary treat



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