Purple Shamrock, Oxalis Triangularis



The purple-leaf shamrock, Oxalis triangularis, is a low-growing foliage plant.

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1 Purple Shamrock, Oxalis Triangularis – Plant
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its popularity continues to grow. Indoors, it can fill a pot with rich, purple leaves and add a dash of color to the often green indoor plant world. It is actually multiple small plants that grow as a group from bulbs.

It has three purple heart-shaped leaves, which each have three sides, that sit symmetrically to one another at the end of every stem.The purple-leaf shamrock, Oxalis triangularis, is a low-growing foliage plant for the garden that also makes for an attractive indoor plant with rich, vibrant, purple leaves

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Common Name False Shamrock, Purple Shamrock and Love Plant.
Maximum Reachable Height 6-12 inch
Flower Colour Light Pink
Bloom Time Spring and summer.
Difficulty Level Easy.

Planting And Care

It has minimal needs, but one thing it cannot tolerate is overly wet soils

It is critical that the plant is in a container with a drain hole and is not overwatered.

If this shamrock is exposed to temperatures above 80 degrees, it can wilt and go dormant.

Outside, purple shamrocks are put into areas that are somewhat shaded.

Purple Shamrock Care

Sunlight Bright indirect light will give them the best leaf color.
Watering Allow the surface of the soil to dry between waterings.
Soil Any good potting mix.
Temperature 55-65F/13-18C at night/not warmer than 75F/24C during the day.
Fertilizer Feed every 2 weeks while the plant is growing with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half. When blooming stops, feed every other month.

Purple Shamrock Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Often they grow it in containers to adorn shaded patios, etc
  • during the warm-weather months


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