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Bryophyllum is also known as the Air Plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf is a succulent plant native to Madagascar, which is a popular houseplant and has become naturalized in temperate regions of Asia, the Pacific, and the Caribbean.

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It is a succulent plant that is native to Madagascar. It is distinctive for the profusion of miniature plantlets that form on the margins of its leaves, a trait it has in common with the other members of the genus Bryophyllum.

It requires minimal care and can tolerate dry conditions and high temperatures. Bryophyllum daigremnontainum grows from a single stem that is covered from top to bottom with large, blue-green leaves. The plantlets that grow on the edges of each leaf fall easily and root wherever they land. The upright stems are fleshy and hairless. The leaves are also fleshy and are either simple or compound.

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Common Name Pan-Futi, air plant, cathedral bells, life plant, miracle leaf, and Goethe plant
Maximum Reachable Height 30-120 cm tall, but can sometimes reach up to 2 m in height
Flower Colour Greenish-yellow to pinkish-red
Bloom Time January-February
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting and care

Plant it in a terra cotta pot with drainage holes in the bottom.

Use sandy, well-drained soil such as a cactus potting mix or one part peat moss mixed with two parts loam and sand.

Repot in the spring but only if the plant outgrows its pot.

Use a container that is only slightly larger than the original pot.

Place your plants in a bright location with plenty of direct sunlight.

Kalanchoe plants require a minimum of four hours of sun daily and grow best in temperatures that range between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water after the soil dries to a depth of about 2 inches during the spring and summer months with room-temperature water.

Add water to the potting mix and not the plant itself. To prevent rot, do not allow the leaves to get wet.

Feed every three months between March and September using a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.

Bring your plants indoors before the first frost or if the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reduce watering during the winter months using just enough water to keep the soil moist.
Bryophyllum care

In India, this is found in the Himalayas, Kashmir, and Khasi Hills of Assam. It is also found in Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt, Brazil, Arabia, Myanmar, Africa, Thailand, India, Central, and East Asia. Nowadays, the plant is cultivated in Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala on a large scale and sold to pharmaceutical companies. It grows up well in slopes of the dry hill. It also grows in the Indian plains.

Sunlight Full Sun
Watering medium
Soil Well-drained soil
Temperature 25 to 30 degrees C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer

Bryophyllum special feature

Entire plant. May be collected year-round; preferably used fresh.

Bryophyllum uses

Ornamental Use:

  • The plant is used for an ornamental purpose

Medicinal Use:

  • Bryophyllum pinnatum plants are used as a folkloric medicine to heal wounds and treat infections and bowel diseases, among other ailments, according to a study in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Note: Please consult your health expert


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