Mehndi, Mehandi



Color your hands and hair naturally by growing an excellent Mehndi plant.

Mehndi is a perennial shrub in Lythraceae family. It is glabrous and multi-branched, with spine-tipped branchlets. The leaves grow opposite each other on the stem. Leaves are glabrous, elliptical, and lanceolate.

Mehndi flowers have four sepals and petals are ovate, with white or red stamens found in pairs on the rim of the calyx tube.

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Common Name Mehndi, Mehandi, Myrtus communis, heena
Maximum Reachable Height 4.00 to 6.00 feet
Flower Colour White with yellow-tipped stamens
Bloom Time May to July
Difficulty Level easy to grow

Planting and care

The minimum temperature needed for a henna plant to grow and nourish well is 22 ºC.

It is recommended to keep well-drained soil for the proper growth of the henna plant.

Trimming the plant will help you to keep your henna plant bushy.

It is important to keep your henna plant free from the attack of pests.

Applying fertilizers will help you to get a good leaf supply.
Mehndi care

Keep the plant in natural indirect bright Light.

Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.

Water when topsoil (1-2inches) feels dry to touch.

Do not re-pot for min. 2 weeks after receiving it.

Sunlight More than 6 hours of direct bright sunlight a day.
Watering Before water poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.

Water when topsoil (1-2 inches) feels dry to touch.

Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in the winter and rainy seasons.

Soil The soil should be well-drained and fertile, rich in organic content for growing plants.

Grow well in the pH range of 6.5 to 7

Temperature 12-15F
Fertilizer During the main growing season (June-July) feed the plant with organic fertilizer.

Mehndi special feature

It is the best natural coloring agent.

Mehndi uses

Ornamental Use:

  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose mainly as a fence or hedge plant

Medicinal Use:

  • Mehndi bark and root are used for the treatment of liver enlargement and jaundice
  • Mehndi leaves are soaked in water and drunken to cure cracking of nails and adds nutrition to the body
  • It used for the treatment of some fungal infection, i
  • , athlete’s foot
  • It used as a useful agent for leucoderma
  • Note- Please consults your health advisor before application or consuming of plants or plant parts


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