Ruffled latan palm.



The Ruffled Fan Palm Tree is an exotic fan palm that is well-known for its stunning dark-green ruffled leaves.

It has a single slender trunk, 4-5 inches in diameter that takes years to develop. The Ruffled Fan Palm is known for its unique palate, or fan-shaped leaves, with attractive splitting patterns that make it stand out in any environment.

Leaves are circular, luscious green, glossy, ruffled, hence the name Ruffled Fan Palm, about 22 inches in diameter, with notched tips. The inflorescence emerges from among the leaves bearing bisexual flowers, male and female reproductive organs grow on the same flower. Ruffled Fan Palm produces marble-like green fruit that turns red when ripe. This berry-looking fruit is round with a single seed inside.

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Common Name Vanuatu Fan Palm, Palas Palm
Maximum Reachable Height 5-10 feet.
Difficulty Level Easy to grow.

Planting And Care

Make sure to protect it from high winds to avoid frond damage.

Ruffled Latan Palm. Care

Sunlight Partial shade. It grows best in partial shade and should not be exposed to full sun.
Watering It needs a lot of water with good drainage.
Soil Well-drained soil.
Temperature It can tolerate cold down to 30F when mature enough. It is great for growing in USDA Zones 10a (30 to 35 F) to 11 (above 40 F).
Fertilizer Apply good quality palm fertilizer that has a continuous release formula twice a year during the growing season.

Ruffled Latan Palm. Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • This elegant palm tree is great for small yards and can also grow indoors in the container


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